SaaS — Software as a Service: a new model to commercialize software, where the publicity, selling, operation and billing are automated and the service is provided via online frontends, such as web sites and mobile apps. Since there are no formal contracts, usually a free-trial period is offered for studies, or a forever-free plan is available while we wait for our future customer’s business to grow.

SaaS Products

WHAT IS Mutua Tech?

We idealize, develop and operate SaaS products which bring to companies worldwide - of any size and many industries - the coolest technologies capable of pleasing end customers into buying more of their products and services.
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We also partner with New Business Development departments from companies which have idealized a new product and are in the need of the technologies, know-how and the A-team to develop, operate and make the new service scale worldwide.
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Some of our Community Technologies

In order to achieve our goal, we develop many state-of-the-art technologies. Some of which, we share back to the community.

Here are some of them:

angular-seed-advanced-mutuatech: A very cool, flexible, decoupled and themable starter for all our web, desktop and mobile frontends. See on GitHub

Mutua Events Framework: The cleverly designed, small, yet efficient and most important framework to allow the distribution and elasticity of our applications’ logic. See on GitHub

Mutua Instrumentation Framework: Our server side framework to allow automation of the monitoring and control of our products. See on GitHub

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Keep it simple with DevOps

Since the commercial model is automated, why not automate the development and operation?

Mutua DevOps Tools is a community set of useful tools and scripts one should consider when persuing

a greater development and operation efficiency. Automated deployment, quality assurance, rollback, monitoring & more.

Some technologies exclusive for our Partners

DevOps -- Automated Virtual Machine Operation

This tool replaces a 24x7 team dedicated at maintaining the park of virtual machines used in your SaaS operation. Whenever a new machine must be added (due to high load), deleted, replaced, reinstalled or verified, this tool does it’s job. Supports AWS, Digital Ocean, Interserver.

DevOps -- Automated Monitoring Team

Another tool to enhance quality & reduce costs. With this one, your service will always be monitored. Special rules are set for the first barrier recovery procedures and also for scale up procedures, like calling humans, forwarding all the info so far and accepting commands – through Telegram.

DevOps -- Automated Operational Quality Assurance

This tool simulates visitors worldwide by automatically setting up machines in the cloud, from time to time, and performing usability tests. It helps you to, automatically, assure the quality of service and runs predefined procedures depending on the results.

Development -- C++ -- Ostensibly No DB

A database as fast as memory, suitable for big data and other data processing tasks. Suitable for use in C++, Python and Lua.

Development -- C++ -- P2P Client/Server

Event based template library for client/server programming implementing a set of protocols, specially the Peer-to-Peer suitable for SaaS elasticity.

Development -- C++ -- Instrumentation & Monitoring & Operation Framework

A framework to instrument C++ backend applications, allowing automatic or manual remote monitoring and making operational commands available.